Our Services



We Design our projects from the ground up, with a focus on cabinetry and woodwork. Our process Starts with an initial in-home consultation; this appointment gives us an opportunity to get to know you and your project, it allows us to narrow down your style and taste to quote your project accurately. From there we schedule a proposal meeting, here we present to you an initial design, scope and pricing options. Once you choose our team, we start to finalize the design, selections and formalize a schedule. Our team helps you chose design elements that have both form and function. Our goal is to create a space that is both beautiful and makes your life more efficient and comfortable and to execute a plan that finishes your project on time. We are very conscientious about the discomfort of a remodel project or the daunting scope of a new house project, and we take every action we can to limit the stress of a project and keep it fun and exciting.

Custom Cabinetry


We produce our cabinetry in house with the talent of our fine craftsman. By owning and operating the production facility quality and high standards are under our control. We firmly believe that our cabinetry is far superior product by producing it ourselves than entrusting that process to others . Every cabinet is made to order and built specifically for each client. Starting with raw lumber each part is carefully milled, formed and assembled to create furniture of the highest standards. Hand selected timbers along with proper joinery techniques are used to make each cabinet. All of this adds up to a quality of product that meets our high standards and level of craftsmanship that our customers have come to expect.



Every project we take on includes our goal of delivering a home that provides for improved health, enhanced durability, increased efficiency and greater comfort than any home you’ve lived in before. We are uncompromising when it comes to using the highest quality materials and partnering with tradesman who are qualified to install them properly. We build and renovate homes to last and plan our projects to suit the needs of our local climate. We take pride in building products that not only are timeless but will stand the test of time,